Hello Neighbor

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Hello Neighbor review

Hello Neighbor is a stealth-horror game created by tinyBuild. In the game you play as a kid exploring their neighbor's house. The goal is to find the neighbor's hiding place while avoiding getting caught by him. The neighbor is an intruder who has been breaking into the player's house. The player explores the neighbor's house in order to find clues that will help him/her find the hidden room and catch the neighbor. The player can explore the neighbor's house in three ways: through the air vents, through the windows, or through the door. The game is a first-person perspective.


The player has to sneak around the neighbor's house while avoiding the neighbor. The game starts with the neighbor on the first floor, and as the player progresses, the neighbor will go on higher levels and will be more difficult to avoid. The player can avoid the neighbor by crouching, running, or getting behind furniture. If the player gets caught, the neighbor will start to chase him and will try to catch him. This is a game of cat and mouse. The player's objective is to find the hidden room and catch the neighbor.


The graphics are pixelated and are not always clear. The game has some jagged edges, but the pixelation does not bother the player. All the animations are fluid and smooth.


The game is not very replayable. After the player catches the neighbor, the game is over.


  • The graphics are not very sharp, which is not distracting for the player;
  • The sound effects are well done;
  • The game is challenging and the player has to use their skills to beat the game;


  • The game can be too difficult;
  • The game is not very replayable;
  • The game is not very interactive;