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Hay Day review

Hay Day is a mobile app that is available for Android and iOS devices. It is a farming game that was released in 2012 by Supercell. It was the first game released by Supercell, and it was released for iOS devices and Android devices. The game is a very popular game, and it has been downloaded more than 100 million times.


Hay Day is a farming game that is played on a farm. The player is able to buy their own land and start a farm. There are many different crops that the player has to plant, as well as livestock that the player can put on the farm. There are also many resources that the player can obtain from the game to help grow their farm. The player can also earn money in the game by harvesting the crops, fishing, and selling their crops to the market.

Players are able to upgrade their land and buildings to make their farm more productive. Hay Day is a very addictive game, and people are spending a lot of time playing this game.

The gameplay of Hay Day is divided into two phases: first, the farm phase, where players manage their crops, livestock, and production, and second, the delivery phase, where players harvest and sell goods. In the farm phase, players can plant crops, make items from raw materials such as eggs, milk, and wool, and feed their livestock. They can also collect items from the ground, such as eggs from chickens and wool from sheep.


The graphics in Hay Day are cartoonish. The player is able to see their farm, the buildings on the farm, and the crops that are being grown on the farm. The map is the background, and it can be seen from the player's farm. The map is a map of a continent, and it can be used to find other farms and towns that are on the map.


Hay Day is a game that has been downloaded more than 100 million times. This means that there are more than 100 million players of Hay Day. This game is very popular, and it is a game that has been played by many people.


  • The graphics in Hay Day are simple and cartoonish, making them very appealing
  • The game is very addictive, and people are playing it for many hours
  • The player is able to start their own farm in the game
  • The player can earn money by harvesting crops and fishing
  • The player is able to upgrade their farm and buildings in order to make their farm more productive
  • The player is able to grow and sell various crops
  • The game is free to download, so the player does not have to pay anything to play the game


  • The player cannot plant crops next to each other to help make the farm more productive
  • The game is full of ads, which can be very annoying
  • The game is dependent on data, and it can become frustrating when the player can't play the game because they don't have any data
  • The game is not a game with a storyline or plot, so it can be boring for some people
  • The player can get addicted to the game, and it can cause real life problems
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