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Honesty and objectivity are the basis of our work, so you can rely on our reviews when choosing a new title before downloading.

Modern technologies make this world more convenient, accessible, flexible, and, of course, exciting! Video games let us conquer new universes. And apps help to organize daily life easier. Devices take this experience to a whole new level. It’s easy to miss new items in a modern range of offers. Therefore, we have created this site to help you stay up-to-date with the latest items.

At SurfersBirthday, we’ve assembled a team of developers, testers, writers, and editors who share a passion for everything game- and app-related. We aim to be a navigator for our readers in the huge gaming and app industry.

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News is our main focus because we want our readers to be the first to know about updates and upcoming items. On our blog, you can find new releases, reviews of old and new games and apps, and collections of tips and hacks from the SurfersBirthday nerds.

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