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Fortnite review

High-Octane Adventure in a Battle-Ravaged World

Dip your toes into the thrilling, high-stakes world of Fortnite, where survival is a pursuit that pushes to the edge in two distinct yet interconnected game modes: Save the World and the renowned Battle Royale.

Gameplay Dynamics: Not Just About Survival, But Strategy Too

Fortnite isn't just a game of survival; it's also a live-action strategy game with a strong emphasis on resource management and strategic planning. In the Battle Royale mode - the runaway hit - you'll be testing your mettle against up to 100 other players solo or with an ally or squad of four. Success hinges on your ability to traverse an ever-shrinking map, tactically gather resources, and outwit your rivals using your builders' ingenuity and choice of diverse weaponry. Not to mention, you can master the art of building structures, honing gun-aim abilities, or engaging in friendly combat with friends in a safe space known as Playground mode. 

Explore the Tools of Destruction: Weapons and Structures

The game isn't just about defense; it's about being a skillful attacker as well. Your arsenal holds myriad choices, from potent firearms and explosive devices to up-close-and-personal melee weapons. These tools of destruction aid in eliminating adversaries, while strategically erected fortifications play an integral role in protection against enemy onslaught.

Create and Consume Live Content

Fortnite's Battle Royale mode defies genre conventions by allowing players a Creative editor to design their own gameworld adventures. It extends beyond mere creativity and into shared experiences, with unique Live Events that host an array of entertainment - concerts, film screenings, and community happenings.

Post-apocalyptic Autonomy: Single-Player, Save The World

Save the World mode is a stark contrast to the frenetic action of Battle Royale. This single-player mode tasks you with defending a high-tech shelter and the survivors within from hordes of creatures known as Husks in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by "The Storm". Responsibilities include overseeing gallant heroes, gathering resources, rescuing survivors, and all the while striving to uncover the origin of The Storm. 

An Interactive, Genre-Defining Juggernaut

In conclusion, Fortnite is a compelling blend of survival and strategy set in a beautifully designed, battle-ravaged world. It's not just about outlasting your rivals but also co-creating and sharing within a dynamic, interactive space.


  • Diverse gameplay dynamics: strategies-based Battle Royale mode and quest-type single-player mode in Save the World;
  • Rich weaponry system and intuitive building mechanism;
  • Unmatched creative freedom in creating own game experiences and live events;


  • Live events may showcase inappropriate content, requiring player or parental discretion;
  • Save the World mode is single-player only, restricting multiplayer options;
  • Further understanding and familiarity with Battle Royale mode may be required to enjoy it at its fullest;