Gang Beasts

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Gang Beasts review

In the realm of video games, the multiplayer brawler Gang Beasts stands out as a unique concoction of comedy and chaos. Developed by Boneloaf and later associated with Double Fine, this game is less about polished combat mechanics and more about creating zany, physics-driven moments that often result in laughter. The game has left its mark in the gaming community, not just for its time in Early Access but also for being a highlight at gaming events across the globe.

Silly Scuffles and Clumsy Combatants

Gang Beasts offers a fighting experience that is comically uncoordinated. Players take control of gelatinous characters who battle each other in various absurd environments. The comparison to classics like Streets of Rage or Double Dragon ends at the genre, as Gang Beasts' approach to brawling is anything but precise. Characters stumble and fumble in a manner reminiscent of a late-night tussle outside a pub, complete with wild swings and erratic grappling.

A Surprisingly Rich Moveset

Gang Beasts game image

Despite its apparent simplicity, the game's controls are deceptively deep. The characters can punch, grab, throw, and even perform acrobatic feats like wall climbing. Timing is key, especially when executing a well-placed kick combined with a jump to send an opponent sailing off the stage. The control scheme invites players to experiment, turning each match into a playground of potential comedic outcomes.

The Stages: A World of Hazards

Gang Beasts features an array of compact arenas, each with its own set of dangers. The Subway stage, for example, requires players to navigate around speeding trains, adding a layer of urgency to the already frenetic battles. These interactive environments contribute to the unpredictability and fun, often becoming as much an adversary as the other players.

Graphics and Atmosphere

Gang Beasts game screen

Visually, the game sports a colorful and cartoonish style that complements the light-hearted tone of the gameplay. The character models are charmingly rudimentary, and the arenas are designed with a keen eye for detail, enhancing the overall slapstick nature of the game.

A Delightful Dance of Disorder

Gang Beasts is a game that thrives on its imperfections. It may frustrate players seeking a refined fighting system, but for those looking for a game that consistently generates laughs and encourages playful competition, it's a gem. It's the digital equivalent of a comedy of errors, a place where unpredictable physics creates memorable gaming moments that are best enjoyed with friends.


  • Hilarious, physics-based gameplay that encourages laughter
  • Intuitive controls with a surprising depth of moves
  • Diverse and interactive stages that add to the chaos
  • Charming graphics that fit the game's whimsical tone
  • Great for parties and social gaming sessions


  • May disappoint those seeking a traditional fighting experience
  • Controls can be frustratingly imprecise at times
  • Occasional technical issues can detract from the experience