Brawl Stars

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Brawl Stars review

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game released by Supercell in June of 2017. The game is a 3D multiplayer online battle royale game, and is a freemium game. Players are dropped onto a map with other players and need to fight each other in order to be the last player alive. Players have the choice of playing as various characters, each with their own unique abilities.


Brawl Stars has similar gameplay to other MOBA and battle royale games, but is unique in the sense that it is in 3rd person. The game is played by controlling a character with the use of the controls on the screen. The player can move around the map, which is a large circle, as well as fire weapons and use abilities. There is a small safe zone in the center, which shrinks as time goes on. There are also power-ups, which are items that can be picked up from around the map. They can either help the player, such as a shield, or hinder the player, such as a bomb. Players can also take control of the map’s various towers, which grant special abilities or weapons.


The graphics of the game are a bit cartoon-like, but are still very well done. The game is set in a cartoonish world with a lot of bright colors. The buildings in the background and the map itself have a sort of cartoonish feel to them. The game also features a lot of humorous animations, such as the character getting knocked out when they run out of health.


Brawl Stars is a very replayable game. There are many different modes and maps for the player to play on, and players can also customize their play style by picking from a large variety of different characters with different abilities.


  • The graphics of the game are very well done, with a lot of bright colors and a cartoonish feel
  • There are many different modes and maps to play on, which can make the game feel fresh
  • The game is very replayable, with a lot of different modes and maps


  • The game is freemium, which means that players can only get the full version by paying real money
  • The game is played in 3rd person, which means that players cannot see as much of the map as they would like to
  • The game is a multiplayer game, so if the player is not interested in multiplayer games, they might not enjoy it