Among Us

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Among Us review

Among Us is a multiplayer party game with detective elements. The game was created by Innersloth and released in 2018. Among Us is available on all platforms.

Leap of Faith in Among Us

You act blindly almost the entire game, being unaware or only guessing who your enemy is. If you have ever played Mafia Cardboard before, you may be familiar with the gameplay of Among Us as well. This is the game you play with your friends. However, unlike in Mafia, you can’t relax and drink a beer because there are too many steps to consider and a wide range of mini-quests to take part in.

Upon reaching the conclusion about who the antagonist is, you're obligated to cast your vote. However, it’s a challenging situation, as disclosing this knowledge to other usurpers could lead to your untimely silence before you have the chance to inform your teammates. There are two factions:

Crewmates and Impostors. Crewmates diligently perform their tasks within the spacecraft, while Impostors secretly endeavor to eliminate all Crewmates and sabotage the spacecraft. Impostors must mimic the behavior of Crewmates to avoid raising suspicion. They systematically incapacitate Crewmates, one after another, resulting in spectral entities that float about, unable to communicate warnings to the living. Victory is claimed by the team that successfully completes their objectives.


Graphics of Among Us reminds us of classic arcades in 2D graphics. The game has four different maps. You will never get bored exploring them. Each of them has own security system:

  • The Skeld is a well-developed spaceship with lots of engines in it, including the security system with cameras;
  • MIRA HQ is the headquarters building with doorlog for the safety of Crewmates;
  • Polus is the base on the planet. It has vita indicators that may help Crewmates to realize who Impostors are;
  • There is a newly added map, which is The Airship. It is based on the Henry Stickman series developed by Innersloth.

There are no difficult manipulations in the game. You will learn controls in no time even if you have never played any games before. Among Us is not fast, and you may quickly understand what to do no matter the platform you choose to play. The main goal is to outsmart your enemy, find the enemy in disguise or get rid of anyone who suspects you depending on the role.

Although there is a linear story with a logical ending, you still will be able to enjoy Among Us no matter how many times you played. The main characters there are your friends, and each time you play they get new roles. You also may become an Impostor or Crewmate and have to change your character. Four exciting maps do not give you a chance to get bored.

Among Us is not difficult. The rules are simple. Besides, you receive instructions during the game on how to play mini-games. Follow them and you will be able to concentrate on your detective skills.


  • Multiplayer mode to play with friends
  • Colorful skins of space crew
  • Four maps
  • Chance to show detective skills


  • You have to think fast
  • You have to suspect friends
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Author: Innersloth