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Roblox review

In the world of gaming, Roblox has managed to remain intriguingly under the radar, despite its whopping user base of over 100 million active monthly players. Launched in 2006, its quiet growth has made it a contender with the likes of Fortnite and Minecraft. This article aims to delve into its unique features, gameplay, graphics, and other aspects that make it the choice of millions.

The Allure of Limitless Options

Unlike the usual norm of a gaming platform offering a specific storyline or mission-based gameplay, Roblox provides an ocean of alternatives. It is not just one game but an assortment of over 50 million games, all created by its community of players. Much like browsing through the diverse video library on YouTube, players can navigate and choose from an extensive catalog of games to play. This immersive and expansive range is one of the key factors behind its growing popularity. 

Unstructured Play: The Heart of Roblox

Roblox has successfully tapped into an area that many modern games have overlooked or skimped on - unstructured play. The games on Roblox aren’t solely about winning or brushing up high scores. They are about creating shared experiences with friends and other players, filling a gap that exists in the routine-restricted lives of today's younger generation.

Building a Community of Creators

Another facet that sets Roblox apart is its encouragement and sustenance of a blooming community of creators. With its own Roblox Studio software, anyone can construct a game or simply a virtual space. Also, more ambitious players can push their limits to create more intricate games and even earn from them via Robux, Roblox’s virtual currency.

Graphic Experience and Social Functionality

Graphics on Roblox are not its strongest suit, especially when compared to more visually-oriented contemporaries. The games on Roblox stick to a more simplistic, blocky design that's reminiscent of Minecraft. Nevertheless, its social features like friend addition and chat options seem to compensate for this and have significantly contributed to its appeal.

Safety Measures and Parental Control

The safety of children playing online games has been a persistent concern for parents. Unfortunately, Roblox's track record has had its fair share of questionable instances. However, proactive steps like hiring a ‘director of digital civility’ and developing a robust safety toolset demonstrate their commitment to player safety. Parents can now keep informed with the "For Parents" section on the website, which details their comprehensive efforts in filtering inappropriate content and texts.


  • The broad range of user-generated games;
  • Let you play and create with friends;
  • Encourages creative and collaborative play;
  • In-depth safety and parental control tools;


  • Graphics are not groundbreaking; 
  • Past record of safety concerns; 


Despite the simplicity of its design and past safety hurdles, Roblox has proven its mettle as a user-generated content platform. Its exceptional grip on the concept of ‘unstructured play’ and its commitment to evolving safety measures establishes it as a truly inventive and engaging platform worth exploring.

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Author: Roblox Corporation