Genshin Impact

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Genshin Impact review

Genshin Impact is an open-world action-adventure game that brings you to the fantasy world of Teyvat in a search for your twin. The game was created by miHoYo and released in 2020. It is available on Windows, PS4 and 5, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. It is free to play and uses the monetized system.

Exploring Teyvat Magic

If you are a fan of anime-style graphics, you will love Genshin Impact. It has one of the most beautiful characters and landscapes among similar games. It is hard to concentrate in the first place because there are too many outstanding details in the background.

Elements and Gods that rule them provide an entirely different set of colors which you will definitely appreciate. The open-world offers you lots of travels around Teyvat and meeting its various nations. And don’t forget to turn on the sound as the music adds a unique atmosphere.

There is a well-developed plot that reveals you step by step during the game. You start as a Traveler who lost their twin and search for it. Traveler is accompanied by Paimon, a smart companion who helps him during the journey. You can choose one of four different characters offered to you in the game. And even if you decide you want to change characters during the combat, you can also do it. Each of them has different skills.

The map of Teyvat is filled with bosses and different dangers. Each challenge gives you valuable rewards. After you successfully finish one challenge you receive a new one. Quests are opened during the game based on your skills. While fighting and traveling around this world you gather more information about seven nations that dwell there, characters, and Gods. Pay attention to everything that happens around you because it may reveal information about the lost twin.

You can improve your powers by earning more rewards and powering up. Every character has two skills in combat. If you want to play with friends you can invite up to 3 people to join in co-op.

Controls are not challenging in this game. Yet, you have to train a lot to be able to show combat skills. There are different indicators you have to check while you are fighting. Don’t forget to keep an eye on your health and your level of energy. There will be a time when one of two skills requires cooling down. We recommend learning controls before you decide to play with your friends. Navigate your actions with the right-side panel.

Genshin Impact has a linear plot. Yet, there are so many twists in it and an open world that can’t be explored during a day, you will unlikely get used to the game. With four changeable characters, you may reveal new powers and magic skills. You have to go through numerous quests to reach the end of the game. Genshin Impact has a high replay value. Its multiplayer mode allows you to play with or against friends.

Genshin Impact has a medium level of difficulty. You have to think fast and make decisions. You will improve your strategic skills in no time. It is recommended to learn all your abilities in the game before you meet one of the bosses.


  • Outstanding graphics in anime style;
  • Four different characters;
  • Lots of quests;
  • Well-developed plot;
  • Free to play


  • The game may be challenging at first;
  • You have to get used to the interface
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