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LIMBO review

Limbo is a puzzle platform game developed by Playdead. The player controls a young boy in a dark, eerie forest with the goal of getting the boy to the end of the forest. Limbo is a puzzle-platformer game developed by independent game developer Playdead. The player controls a young boy, simply known as the boy, through a forest, caves, and ruins to find his sister. The game has a black-and-white design, with the occasional use of a color to contrast with the black-and-white.


The player moves the boy to jump over obstacles, climb to new heights, and grab onto moving objects to cross large chasms. The player has control over the boy's body. The boy can touch anything in the game environment, including items that may be picked up, used, or otherwise interacted with. The gameplay is what sets this game apart from other games in the genre. The player is tasked with solving puzzles to progress through the game, with the puzzles never being too difficult. The puzzles range from moving boxes, jumping on platforms, and pulling levers. The game does not include many enemies, but those that are in the game are well-designed and difficult to avoid.


The game uses a very dark, black and white color palette, which contrasts with the bright green of the trees. The graphics in Limbo are simple and consist of a lot of black-and-white. The occasional use of color contrasts the black-and-white and really helps the player see the game's graphics.


The game is not very replayable because it has no story, no objectives, and no rewards. There is no incentive to play the game again. There are many reasons people would replay Limbo. The game is not too long, so playing it more than once would not take too much time. The puzzles are difficult enough to make the player want to play it more than once, and the graphics are a great reason to replay the game.


  • The graphics are very atmospheric
  • There are many different types of puzzles for the player to solve
  • The game is well-paced
  • It's fun to explore the forest
  • The game is challenging and requires you to think


  • The game is very short, which means there is not a lot of content
  • The puzzles are not always clear and can sometimes be frustrating
  • It is sometimes unclear what to do next
  • The player character cannot jump from a standing position, which can make some puzzles more challenging
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Author: Playdead