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Fall Guys review

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout bursts onto the gaming scene as a refreshing deviation from the typical battle royale formula. Eschewing firearms and the usual grim settings, Fall Guys invites players into a vibrant game show-inspired universe where the aim is to outlast fellow contestants through a series of gleeful and whimsical challenges. Here, up to 60 players, each controlling a bumbling, jelly bean-esque character, vie for the crown in a series of matches that last a breezy 15 minutes.

Simple Fun with a Competitive Twist

The game's appeal lies in its simplicity. A trio of controls—jumping, diving, and grabbing—are your keys to success, easily mastered yet capable of nuanced strategy by experienced players. The diverse mini-games, ranging from obstacle-laden races to egg-hoarding team challenges, ensure that each round is fraught with both tension and laughter. The game's physics, coupled with the charmingly clumsy character animations, create a sense of unpredictability and humor that can be enjoyed alone or with friends passing the controller around.

A Kaleidoscope of Stages

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Diversity is the spice of Fall Guys, with over two dozen stages, each promising a unique obstacle course experience. Some, like The Whirlygig, are sprawling marathons of spinning fans and hazards, while others, such as Door Dash, offer quick, frenzied sprints through random doorways. The game excels in generating moments of hilarity as players bottleneck through these unpredictable challenges, creating a balance of skill and fortuity that keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging.

Survival of the Funnest

Not all mini-games are about the race to the finish. Some challenges, like Roll Out and Block Party, revolve around staying alive amidst a sea of competitors and obstacles. These survival modes offer a different kind of thrill, emphasizing strategic positioning and the ability to anticipate the movement of both the stage and your fellow contestants, all while maintaining the game's signature slapstick humor.

A Finale of Mixed Emotions

While Fall Guys is mostly successful in delivering non-stop fun, not all finale stages are created equal. Some, like Tail Tag and Fall Mountain, can leave a bitter taste after an otherwise delightful session due to their emphasis on luck or starting position. However, other finales like Hex-A-Gone and Jump Showdown redeem these shortcomings by providing a test of skill that feels worthy of determining the game's victory.

The Allure of Earning Rewards

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Much like other battle royales, Fall Guys includes a progression system in the form of a battle pass. Thankfully, it doesn't require additional purchases, offering plenty of rewards through regular play. In-game currency and crowns can be earned, the latter being a prize for claiming victory, which can be used to acquire a range of cosmetic items. While real money can speed up this process, it's by no means necessary to enjoy the accumulation of these playful accessories.

Conclusion: A Battle Royale with Bounce

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout exemplifies the innovative possibilities within the battle royale category. Its lighthearted take on competition, coupled with its charming graphics and catchy soundtrack, makes it a standout title that's as inviting as it is addictive. While it may have moments of frustration, particularly in team-based games or certain finales, the overall experience remains one of unbridled joy and chaotic fun.


  • Simple, accessible controls that anyone can pick up quickly
  • A wide array of diverse and entertaining mini-games
  • Vibrant and colorful graphics that create a joyful atmosphere
  • Fun solo or with friends, offering a social gaming experience
  • Rewarding progression system that doesn't require real money


  • Finales and team-based games can sometimes rely too much on luck
  • Unbalanced team games may result in uneven experiences
  • Certain stages can feel unfair or frustrating due to design choices
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Author: Mediatonic