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Gacha Life review

Gacha Life is a mobile app game with a focus on anime and manga-style art. In the game, players can create and customize their own characters, then put them into a variety of scenes and situations.

One of the main draws of Gacha Life is the large number of items and accessories that players can use to customize their characters. There are a variety of different hairstyles, clothes, and accessories to choose from, and players can even create their own designs.


Gacha Life is a simulation game in which you can create your own character and experience life in a virtual world. There are a variety of activities to participate in, such as designing your own home, playing games, fishing, and more. The gameplay is generally easy to understand and the controls are straightforward.


The graphics in Gacha Life are high quality and look very realistic. The character designs are particularly well done and there is a good variety of outfits and accessories to choose from.


The interface is easy to navigate and the buttons are clearly labeled. The menus are also easy to understand and there is a help section that provides explanations for the various game features.


Gacha Life is very easy to use and the controls are simple to learn. The game is well designed and everything is easy to find. Players can also customize their game settings to suit their preferences.


Gacha Life is a highly replayable game with a lot of content to explore. There are many activities to participate in and the game is constantly updated with new content. The character creation system is also very versatile and allows players to create many different types of characters.


Gacha Life is a fun and addictive app that I highly recommend to anyone who loves dress-up games, anime, and/or RPGs. The art and character designs are beautiful and the customization options are nearly endless. The app is free to download and play, but there are some in-game items that can be purchased with real money. I have not felt the need to spend any money on the game, however, as there are plenty of free items and decorations to keep me busy. Overall, Gacha Life is a well-made and enjoyable app that I will continue to play for a long time.


  • Fun and addictive;
  • Lots of customization;
  • Many different items to collect;
  • Can be played with friends


  • Can be expensive to collect all the items


Gacha Life

Gacha Life game logo
Author: Lunime
Latest Version: 1.1.0
Publish Date: 2019-09-28
Size: 100M