Stumble Guys

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Stumble Guys review

The Ultimate On-The-Go Alternative to Fall Guys

Have you been patiently waiting for a mobile version of Fall Guys? If so, we have an enticing remedy for you. Introducing Stumble Guys, a smaller-scale mobile rendition that remarkably replicates the same thrilling gameplay. While it isn't an exact match, it undoubtedly provides a viable alternative until we get the real deal on our mobile devices. 

Gameplay: Fast-paced Chaos at Its Best

The goal in Stumble Guys is similar to its inspiration, Fall Guys. Players vigorously race to the finish line, battling hordes of hurdles along the way. These dynamic obstacles could hurl you aside, block your momentum, or even send you veering off track. The game is truly chaotic, but that's what makes it incredibly enjoyable. 

Graphics and Customization: A Satisfying Visual Identity 

The graphic design of Stumble Guys doesn’t fall far from its inspiration, Fall Guys. The visual elements, while not exactly on par with the higher-budget counterpart, offer a satisfactory experience considering that the game is free. Additionally, Stumble Guys also allows some personalization, providing you with the fun opportunity to customize your character to your liking.

Performance: Smooth Sailing All The Way 

We were positively surprised by the performance index of Stumble Guys. With many players appearing on the screen simultaneously, we certainly anticipated some lag. However, the game ran void of any such interruptions, impressing us with its smooth delivery.

Audio Element: High-Octane Rhythms Complement The Mayhem 

The game's music stays true to its fast-paced theme, supplementing the chaotic gameplay with equally frenzied tunes. There isn't an abundance of variance in this aspect, but it doesn't deter from the overall excitement of the gaming experience.

Controls: Simple Directional Dynamics 

The controls for maneuvering your character in Stumble Guys are straightforward. A joystick for direction and a jump button makes it pretty easy for you to navigate through the mad rush. But watch out, as competitive players can obstruct your path unexpectedly! 


  • A brilliant alternative to Fall Guys for mobile gamers;
  • Exciting and unpredictable gameplay with various hurdles;
  • Smooth performance despite the heavy player traffic;
  • The simplicity of controls enhances the gaming experience;


  • Not an exact replica of Fall Guys, it misses out on some aspects;
  • Predictable audio elements;
  • The presence of competitive players can make navigation tricky;

Conclusion: A Practical Substitute for On-The-Go Entertainment 

In conclusion, Stumble Guys, though it isn't precisely Fall Guys, proved to be very enjoyable. It's a brilliant portable substitute that will remain on our phones since it caters to both quick and extended gaming sessions. The anticipation for Fall Guys coming to mobile is high, and we promise to be the first ones to give you the lowdown! If you venture to download Stumble Guys, be sure to let us know your thoughts. Until then, stay casual and happy gaming!