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Stardew Valley review

In Stardew Valley the player takes on the role of a person who has inherited a farm and left the metropolis of the city to live their own life. The player then learns how to take care of their farm, plant crops, grow them, and sell them while interacting with the townsfolk in the community. Stardew Valley is a game from ConcernedApe, released for PC in early 2016. The game is a farming simulator with RPG elements, where players take control of a character to start a new life in an old, unoccupied farm. The game is set in a small-town in the fictional country of Stardew Valley, where the player can take up professions such as mining, fishing, foraging, and farming. The player can also engage in relationships with various other characters, and start a family.


In Stardew Valley, gameplay is in the form of an open-ended, non-linear RPG. The player is able to explore the game world, socialize with various residents, take up various professions, and make decisions that change the game world.

Farmers can plant and harvest crops, craft new items, forage for food, build fences and buildings, and collect resources from the mines. They can also get married to one of the villagers, and start a family.

Players can also take up professions such as fishing, foraging, mining, and fighting. Fishing can be done in rivers, lakes, or the ocean. Players can forage for berries, mushrooms, and other food items. Mining is where players can find minerals, ores, and gems. Fighting is done against monsters in the game.

The game features a day and night cycle. The player can choose to sleep to skip the cycle, and the player can also decide whether the game should be played in multiplayer mode. Stardew Valley's gameplay is quite simple. There are no quests or missions, and the player needs to do the same tasks every day. The player can decide what to do with the money earned. The player can buy and sell goods or invest in the local shop. They can also spend their money on the village's shops.


Stardew Valley is a two-dimensional game, with graphics that are reminiscent of the 16-bit era. The game uses a top-down perspective, with sprites and pixel art. Stardew Valley's graphics are simplistic. The game is 2D and the player can see the landscape from an isometric perspective. All textures and the game's models are low-poly.


Stardew Valley allows for a large degree of replayability. Players can do things differently every time they play, and can explore different professions and relationships.


  • The game has a unique aesthetic, with pixel graphics and 16-bit era music
  • Players are able to explore the game world, socialize with various residents, and take up various professions
  • The player is also able to start a family with a villager


  • The game can sometimes be overwhelming, and there is a large amount to do
  • Farming is repetitive, and the player can't control the weather
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