Toca Kitchen 2

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Toca Kitchen 2 review

Toca Kitchen 2 is a game for kids, and is perfect for kids of all ages. The game is meant for the kids to imitate what they see in the game, and to learn new cooking techniques. The game is highly interactive and is fun for kids to play. Toca Kitchen 2 is a free mobile app for iOS and Android devices that offers a simple environment for players of all ages. The game offers an interactive and creative cooking experience for players of all ages, as well as a chance to learn about cooking and the tools and materials that are used.


In the game, the player is in control of two chefs, and they have to cook meals. The player has to make sure the food is the correct temperature, and that the condiments are in the right place. There are many different recipes the player can choose from, and the player can even create their own recipe. The gameplay for Toca Kitchen 2 is relatively simple and easy to understand. Players have access to a variety of ingredients and food, and can use those ingredients to create an endless number of dishes. Players can use tools that are available to them, such as a cutting board, knife, and pan, to prepare the food and prepare it for cooking. However, not all ingredients and tools are available to the player at the start. Players can unlock new ingredients and tools by completing new levels.


The graphics are very child friendly, and they are colorful and creative. There are many different foods to choose from, and the player has to make sure they are the correct color. The graphics for Toca Kitchen 2 are very simple, but the simplicity is what makes the game so appealing to a wide range of audiences. The game is designed with a simplistic design and a layout that is very easy to understand. There is a lot of color in the game, and the game is very bright and inviting.

Information about replayability

The game can be played multiple times and the player will still experience new things. The player can also play the game in different ways, such as using the left hand or the right hand.


  • The game is interactive and the player can choose which hand to use, which is a new feature in this game
  • The game has many different recipes to choose from, and it is a fun game for kids to play


  • There is no multi-player mode, so the player can't play the game with their friends
  • The game is only for kids, so adults may not enjoy it