img Tips & Guides Brilliant Tactic to Unlock the Alchemist in For The King 2 Increase your gaming prowess by setting free the Alchemist, a potent class in For The King 2. This game features a variety of intriguing classes, each with its unique specs and abilities. The Alchemist, especially with strategic skills and high intelligence, speed, and talent stats, is a game-changer. Although unlocking this class might seem intricate, it’s actually quite simple when you follow our step-by-step guide. Understanding the Objective In the introductory chapter of For The King 2, named "The Resistance," you navigate through a dynamically created landscape, completing missions. As you move forward in the main quest, you will receive a mission tagged "Rescue Grizelle from Prison Cart in the Grassland.” That's your key to unlocking the Alchemist class. Instead of rushing through, take your time to comprehend the objective and develop a game plan. Locating the Prison Cart Your main focus here is to locate a particular cart denoted as a mission objective. The terrain is randomly generated so that the cart might be in a different location. Patience and keen observation are required to locate it in the sprawling landscape. Bear in mind that another cart, which you will also need to find, can appear anywhere around the first cart, even right next to it. Finding the Second Cart The second cart is critical in this mission, so keep a keen eye out for it. It might appear immediately after you locate the first one. Thus, it’s important not to leave the area hastily. Stick around and continue exploring the vicinity until this cart surfaces. It is uncertain if there are chances of the cart not appearing in some gameplay runs. Freeing the Alchemist Once you spot the second cart, the rest of the process is straightforward. Make your way to this cart and engage with it. There'll be a dice roll involved, which may require some luck. If successful, you will open the cart’s door, where you’ll be introduced to the Alchemist, who is eager to join your team. Turn the Tide with the Alchemist Having the Alchemist in your corner is an edge over your opponents. Not only does he bring along a treasure trove of intelligence, speed, and talent, but his unique abilities like "Make Potion" and "Smoke Flee" allow for strategic moves to breeze through challenges or smartly retreat with minimal damage. Armed with this guide on how to unlock the Alchemist in For The King 2, be ready for a more thrilling adventure with diverse strategies and unexpected turns in your campaign. img Ethan Blackstone 11 11 2023