Temple Run

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Temple Run review

Temple Run has been described as "the most popular, and highest-grossing game in the history of mobile gaming." It is a mobile game that is played on iOS and Android devices. Though the game was initially released in 2011, it has been made available for Windows Phone and Windows 8. Temple Run is the newest game from Disney's gaming studio, Imangi Studios. The game is an endless runner, meaning that the player has an infinite number of lives and the game is not over until the player crashes into an obstacle or falls off the path. Temple Run is available on iOS and Android.


The gameplay consists of running automatically forward. The player runs by swiping or tilting his device to turn left or right, and uses a virtual joystick to jump, slide under obstacles, and perform other moves to avoid obstacles and to collect coins. The player is able to collect power-ups during gameplay. In Temple Run, the player starts with three lives and has to keep running the length of the course, which changes depending on the level. The player has to collect coins and avoid obstacles such as trees and cacti, which slow the player down. The player can also tap on the screen to jump over anything in the way. The player can also collect power-ups that make running faster and increase the size of the player's character.


The graphics are cartoon-like and consist of a brown-orange color scheme. The graphics are colorful and bright. They are cartoony and have a very Disney-esque feel to them.


  • It's fun
  • It doesn't require Internet access
  • It's colorful and cartoony
  • It's easy to restart the game if you die
  • It's addictive
  • It doesn't require a lot of attention
  • It's free


  • It's only available for iOS and Android
  • It's not very user-friendly
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Author: Imangi Studios