Mastering The Battlefield: Advanced Strategies for Vikings: War of Clans

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In the cold, harsh lands of the North, where the howl of the wind echoes the cries of the fallen, the game of power is played with cunning and brute force. Vikings: War of Clans is not just a test of strength but of intellect, strategy, and diplomacy. To dominate here, one must understand the deeper nuances of warfare beyond mere troop numbers or resource levels. This guide is your map to navigating the complex terrain of strategic gameplay in the Vikings War of Clans game, a journey to becoming a revered Jarl among the ranks of the mighty.

Building a Foundation of Power

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The cornerstone of any great civilization is its infrastructure. In Vikings: War of Clans, the strategic placement and upgrading of buildings within your town can significantly impact your military and economic strength. Top-ranked players suggest prioritizing your Palace and Barracks for quicker troop training and overall town development. However, a lesser-known strategy involves the strategic construction of resource buildings close to the town's walls, minimizing the time lost to enemy raids.

Resource Management: The Unsung Hero of Warfare

In the realm of Vikings War of Cans games, battles may be won on the field, but victories are forged in the meticulous management of resources. Advanced players know the importance of balancing resource production with storage capabilities, ensuring that their war efforts can be sustained over long campaigns. An often-overlooked trick is to keep your resource levels just below your storage capacity before logging off, making you a less appealing target for raiders.

Spying: The Art of Invisible War

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Knowledge is power, and in Vikings: War of Clans, this couldn't be truer. Spying on your enemies allows you to gather crucial intelligence about their troop compositions and defensive setups. The trick, however, lies in sending spies in waves rather than all at once to avoid detection and ensure that at least some of your scouts return with valuable information. This technique, shared by some of the most cunning Jarls, can be the difference between a triumphant attack and a disastrous defeat.

Diplomacy: Forging Alliances with the Pen and the Sword

War is not always about direct confrontation. The most successful Jarls know that diplomacy can be a powerful tool in their arsenal. Creating and maintaining alliances can provide you with crucial support during sieges and resource shortages. A tip from seasoned players is to establish a network of mutual defense pacts and trade agreements, effectively creating a safety net that can protect your kingdom during times of weakness.

Advanced Combat Tactics


While brute force can sometimes overwhelm an opponent, true mastery of combat in Vikings: War of Clans comes from understanding and leveraging advanced tactics. One such strategy involves the use of mixed troop types in your attacks, complicating the enemy's defensive preparations. Additionally, timing your attacks to coincide with the enemy's resource-gathering expeditions can catch them off guard, leaving their town vulnerable to a full-scale assault.

The Psychological Warfare

Beyond the physical battlefield lies the realm of psychological warfare. Top players often employ mind games to demoralize or mislead their opponents. This can range from feigning weakness by intentionally losing small skirmishes to launching fake attacks to distract the enemy from your true target. Mastering this aspect requires a deep understanding of human psychology and a knack for deception.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

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The landscape of Vikings: War of Clans is ever-changing, with new updates and strategies emerging regularly. The most successful Jarls are those who remain students of the game, constantly learning and adapting their strategies. Engaging in online communities and social media networks can provide valuable insights and viewpoints on the most current trends and tactics.


Victory in Vikings: War of Clans is not solely the result of might or numbers but of cunning, strategy, and foresight. By building a solid foundation, managing resources wisely, mastering the art of espionage, forging alliances, employing advanced combat tactics, and engaging in psychological warfare, you can elevate your gameplay to a level few can match. Keep in mind, the journey to becoming a legendary Jarl is a path filled with ongoing learning and adaptation. With the insights and strategies provided in this guide, you are now better equipped to lead your civilization to glory. May Odin guide your hand, and may your name be etched in the annals of history as one of the greatest Jarls to ever rule the North!

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