10 Top Video Games Deserving of a Film or Television Series Adaptation

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The landscape of entertainment is ever-evolving, with video games and their expansive worlds increasingly becoming a treasure trove for cinematic adaptations. As the digital narratives of video games grow more complex and emotionally resonant, the line between gaming and cinematic storytelling blurs, presenting a unique opportunity to bring these interactive experiences to the silver screen or the serialized format of television. This article delves into ten video games that not only deserve but could greatly benefit from adaptations into movies or TV series, exploring the untapped potential within their rich lore, compelling characters, and breathtaking worlds.

The Elder Scrolls Has Plenty Of Lore For A Fantasy Show

Elder Scrolls game screen

The Elder Scrolls, with its deep lore and expansive world, presents a golden opportunity for a fantasy television series. The series boasts an intricate history and a multitude of cultures that could provide the foundation for a narrative as captivating and engaging as any high fantasy epic on television today. The key to its success lies in weaving a narrative that respects the source material while exploring new territories within its established universe.

Control Has The Makings Of A Riveting Sci-Fi Series

Control screen

"Control" by Remedy Entertainment stands out as a masterpiece of sci-fi storytelling, blending supernatural elements with a gripping narrative. Its unique setting, the Federal Bureau of Control, offers a playground for storytelling that could rival the most iconic of sci-fi series. A TV adaptation could dive deeper into the game's mysteries, expanding on its lore and bringing its eerie atmosphere to a wider audience.

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Could Be Lucasfilm's Game Of Thrones

Star Wars Knights

The rich narrative and complex characters of "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic" make it a prime candidate for adaptation. Set in a period long before the events of the Skywalker saga, it offers a fresh perspective on the Star Wars universe. With the right creative team, this could become a landmark series for Lucasfilm, capturing the grandeur and drama that made "Game of Thrones" a cultural phenomenon.

The Legend Of Zelda Would Best Fit The Animated Movie Format

The Legend Of Zelda

Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda" series, with its iconic characters and timeless adventures, is perfectly suited for the animated movie format. Animation would allow for the vibrant worlds of Hyrule, and beyond, to be brought to life in a way that honors the artistic vision of the video games. With the right creative direction, an animated Zelda movie could capture the hearts of both longtime fans and newcomers.

Hades Is Perfect For An Animated TV Adaptation


Supergiant Games' "Hades" combines thrilling gameplay with a compelling narrative, making it an ideal candidate for an animated series. The game's reinterpretation of Greek mythology and its vibrant cast of characters could be expanded upon in a series that explores the complexities of the gods and their relationships. The art style and fast-paced action of "Hades" would translate well into animation, potentially creating a visually stunning and narratively rich series.

Mass Effect Has Star Wars-Level Potential On The Big Screen

Mass Effect

The "Mass Effect" series by BioWare is ripe for a big-screen adaptation, with its epic scope and richly developed universe. The franchise's blend of science fiction, adventure, and romance, coupled with its deep lore and complex characters, provides ample material for a film series that could rival the impact of "Star Wars" in the sci-fi genre. Transforming the epic narrative of Commander Shepard's battle against the Reapers could captivate a broader audience, presenting the saga in a fresh light.

Chrono Trigger Has Everything It Needs For An Anime TV Series

Chrono Trigger logo

"Chrono Trigger," with its time-traveling adventures and memorable characters, is a perfect fit for an anime adaptation. The game’s story, which spans multiple eras and features a diverse cast, could be beautifully realized in an anime format, capturing the charm and emotional depth of the original game while introducing it to a broader audience.

Red Dead Redemption Could Be A Gripping Western Dualogy

Red Dead Redemption logo

The "Red Dead Redemption" series, with its poignant storytelling and immersive Western setting, could be brilliantly adapted into a pair of movies. The cinematic quality of the games, combined with their exploration of themes such as redemption, loyalty, and the decline of the Old West, offers a solid foundation for a compelling film saga.

Final Fantasy Can Afford To Lean More Into Anime Adaptations

Final Fantasy woman

The "Final Fantasy" franchise, with its vast worlds and enchanting stories, is ripe for exploration in anime form. Each game's unique narrative and aesthetic could inspire a series of anime adaptations, offering new interpretations and expansions of the stories beloved by fans around the world. With its blend of fantasy, sci-fi, and drama, "Final Fantasy" has the potential to captivate audiences in a new, dynamic format.

Splinter Cell Could Spawn An Action Movie Franchise

Splinter Cell game hero

The stealth-action world of "Splinter Cell" is primed for adaptation into a high-octane action movie franchise. The games' blend of espionage, tactical combat, and geopolitical intrigue could translate into a thrilling series of films, with the potential to redefine the action genre. With the right creative vision, the adventures of Sam Fisher could captivate moviegoers and establish a new standard for video game adaptations. In conclusion, the worlds of video games offer boundless possibilities for storytelling in film and television. As the lines between gaming and cinematic experiences continue to blur, the opportunity to bring these narratives to a wider audience is more apparent than ever. With careful consideration and respect for the source material, these ten video game franchises could be the next big hits in the realm of adaptations, captivating audiences with their rich lore, complex characters, and immersive worlds.

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