Manor Lords Soars to 3 Million Wishlists on Steam

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2024-04-25
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Manor Lords, the medieval city-builder game developed by Slavic Magic, has reached an impressive milestone of three million wishlists on Steam, indicating a high level of anticipation ahead of its early access release in April 2024. This achievement comes after previously crossing two million wishlists in January and 2.5 million in earlier stages.

Hooded Horse, the publisher behind Manor Lords, expressed their admiration for the exceptional work done by Greg Styczeń, who primarily developed the game on his own. They feel privileged to support him and aid in bringing his vision to life. Manor Lords combines elements of real-time strategy and city-building set in the 14th century, offering players the role of a royal leader tasked with establishing and managing a thriving settlement.

Players will engage in activities such as improving the lives of their citizens, amassing an army, engaging in trade, hiring mercenaries to handle conflicts, and expanding their territories by conquering bandit camps and other lands. The game’s dynamic also involves interactions with other leaders, where players can choose either to coexist peacefully or engage in warfare.

Despite being eagerly anticipated, the developers have clarified that Manor Lords will offer a unique experience distinctly different from games like Mount and Blade, Age of Empires, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, or Total War.

The game is set to launch in early access for PC users on April 26, promising a deep and immersive medieval strategy experience that continues to attract potential players worldwide.

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