You Can Now Access GIPHY Library on TikTok

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2022-04-04
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TikTok has been working on expanding its entertainment features for creators to make more exciting content for their followers. Now, everyone will have access to the TikTok Library, which will contain tools you can add to your videos.

Currently, you can see only GIPHY content on the Library page. It mainly consists of GIFs with clips and audio. By making a search through the bar, you can find the one you need for your video if it is available on the app. Of course, TikTok plans to bring more tools to the storage, adding audio and text, so your content will become even more varied.

GIPHY Clips allow users to show their reactions and quotes while creating a video. It is a good tool for TikTokers who use a lot of explanations in their content. It will make the clips more user-friendly and diversify ways to engage with the audience.

You can find the Library in the latest update. To access it, you will need to start recording the video, and then you will notice the new icon on the bar to the right in the creation mode. You can scroll through the trending tools or use the search bar to find something original for yourself.

For now, users can exploit only GIPHY tools through the Library, but the company will make sure to add more tools to the feature, as it is a sure way to bring more people to the app. We can wait for new functions in the further updates, and maybe we will get something even more exciting.

TikTok is a major expanding company that connects people worldwide through short video clips of up to three minutes. The app constantly releases new content, so creators can find ways to entertain their followers and attract different audiences.

What would you like to see in the TikTok Library? What content do you prefer to watch on the app? Please, share your opinion in the comments below.


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