Microsoft Accidentally Offers Unsupported PCs the Windows 11 Upgrade

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2023-02-26
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This week, a Twitter user spotted an alarming mistake from Microsoft – offering fullscreen prompts to upgrade to Windows 11 on unsupported hardware. Now Microsoft has explained what happened, with the company noting that PCs without meeting minimum requirements for the OS couldn't finish the installation process. Let’s take a look at this issue and how it was addressed.

The issue came to light when PhantomOcean3 noticed that Microsoft was showing fullscreen prompts on incompatible hardware, trying to get users to upgrade to Windows 11. But as per their explanation, these machines weren't eligible for running this OS in the first place and could not complete the upgrade installation process.

Microsoft took action soon after by posting a support note clarifying that some ineligible devices running either Windows 10 or 21H2 were offered inaccurate upgrades, which would eventually fail. They also reiterated their stance that only those machines which meet all minimum requirements should be allowed access into upgrading their systems with any new software version released by them, including latest versions of operating systems like Windows 11.

Furthermore,while notifying about this incident, they too asked customers who might have encountered such issues while attempting an update can contact customer service for help in getting their system back into working condition again if required or seek assistance in understanding why certain updates are not applicable on specific platforms due to incompatibility issues.

In conclusion, although Microsoft didn’t maliciously intend this mistake, it could still have caused potential harm if not immediately identified and rectified timely. Therefore, its always best practice before attempting any significant upgrades or installations, especially those related to your system's core components like operating system etc, verify whether your machine is eligible enough as per its manufacturer recommended specifications beforehand so as avoid any potential damages or losses while executing such tasks later down the line.

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