Meta Rolls Out New Privacy-Focused Ad Targeting Tools and Solutions

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2022-10-12
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Seeking to improve its reputation on data privacy, Meta is introducing a slew of ad measures aimed at providing advertisers on the platform with more data-protective, privacy-focused solutions that can help them enhance the results of their ad campaigns.

One of the innovations comes in the form of a new product within the Meta Advantage ad suite, which includes multiple and varied ad automation and AI-based instruments to help businesses improve their marketing performance. The new Advantage ad suite element, Advantage Custom Audience, is a targeting automation tool that allows advertisers to expand their targeting beyond the custom audiences that were specified if it could help boost performance.

While it sounds much like Advantage Detailed Targeting and Advantage Lookalikes, there is a core difference between these and the new tool. Advantage Custom Audience is non-objective-specific and tends to go beyond the 1%, 5%, and 10% similarity range, as is the case with the other two. With expanded matching depth, performance advertisers might have an easier time increasing their reach and response.

Another novelty worth mentioning is optimized Click to Messenger ads. The new update brings the ability for advertisers to show ads to people most predisposed to make a purchase in-stream. Improved Click to Messenger targeting capabilities can help maximize reach among users who are more likely to buy in a message thread.

Lastly, Meta is also introducing a brand-new lead generation ad format that should direct customers towards a form or Messenger, depending on which channel they are more likely to prefer. 

Are you an advertiser on Meta? What do you think of the platform’s latest changes designed to help advertisers improve their marketing efforts? Feel free to comment below this post!

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