Google Celebrates Minecraft's 15th Anniversary with an Interactive Easter Egg

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2024-05-17
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Minecraft has grown from a modest game into a worldwide sensation over the past 15 years. Celebrating this significant milestone, Google has honored the beloved game with a creative Easter egg on its search engine. This interactive feature brings a touch of fun and nostalgia, offering fans a chance to engage with a piece of the Minecraft universe right from their browsers.

To find this Easter egg, users need to search for "Minecraft", "Minecraft Bedrock Edition", or "Minecraft Steve" on Google. A distinctive Minecraft icon will appear at the bottom of the search window. Clicking on this icon initiates a delightful interactive experience, where users can mine through various biomes. The animations and sounds are authentically crafted, mirroring the game's original feel. This feature not only serves as a tribute but also as an engaging mini-game for users to enjoy.

In addition to the fun Easter egg, Minecraft has also announced its first-ever discount to celebrate this milestone. For the first time since its release, the game is available at a 50% discount across multiple platforms. This includes the Java & Bedrock Edition on PC, which has been reduced from $29.99 to $14.99. Console versions, including those on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch, also see significant price drops. Even mobile versions on the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store are marked down to an accessible $1.99.

Minecraft's journey from its early days to becoming a bestseller on platforms like the Play Store is remarkable. Initially exclusive to Xperia Play, the game soon expanded to all Android phones, marking the beginning of its widespread popularity. Over the years, it has continued to evolve, introducing new updates and features that keep the gameplay fresh and engaging. In 2023, Minecraft extended its reach even further by becoming available on Chromebooks, ensuring that it remains accessible to a broader audience.

As Minecraft continues to flourish, it's evident that its impact will extend into the future of gaming consoles and beyond. The blend of its straightforward yet captivating gameplay, regular updates, and community-generated content has firmly established its legacy in the annals of gaming history. Google's interactive Easter egg serves as an apt homage to a game that has delighted millions over the past 15 years. Enthusiasts can anticipate many more years of creativity, discovery, and adventure within the ever-evolving universe of Minecraft.

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