Google Assistant to Roll Out Password Autoupdater Wider

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2022-05-09
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Do you find it annoying to manually change passwords each time you’re notified they have been compromised? If you do, Google has some good news for you. Google Assistant is now able to automate the process – to some extent. Given how delicate a matter it is, you’ll still be at the helm, but with much less hassle.

The idea of the update is simple. Not only does Google now tell you which of the passwords saved in your account are compromised and need replacement. It also leads you through this process with a master. As you are notified about the risk, the option pops out that offers you to “let Google Assistant help you change your password”. Passwords that can be changed with Google Assistant will appear on the list with a small icon of the service.

How does the process look? If you opt for assistance, Google will take you right to the password change pages of all the sites that require the change. You can agree to use secure passwords made up by Chrome password manager or invent your own. Anyway, you won’t have to go through endless authorization while you can be redirected right where you want to be to change the password.

This didn’t come out of the blue: the first announces of this password changing assistance date back to Google I/O 2021. It’s said and done now; in the heart of this ease lies the Duplex on the Web technology by Google developed to automatize recurring tasks. The routine parts of the process are assigned to the AI; the human only has to do the most creative part or make decisions, like, say, agree to use a machine-generated password or invent something unique.

Have you often run into issues with your passwords that get compromised and leak on the web? Do you change them manually? Do you find Google Assistant a substantial help for that? Let us know what you think in the comments; just don’t leave your passwords even as examples!


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