Detectify Unveils New Tools to Tackle Expanding Attack Surfaces

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2024-05-28
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As cyber threats advance, organizations face increasing challenges in managing their expanding attack surfaces. Detectify, a premier attack surface management platform, has addressed these concerns by introducing new features that provide users with enhanced control over their attack surface data. These updates aim to assist security teams in interpreting the vast array of insights derived from their data, thereby improving their ability to identify and respond to potential threats effectively.

One of the standout features is the revamped Domains page, which now offers a comprehensive view of all monitored domains within an organization’s attack surface. This page continuously attributes data to each domain, including IP addresses, cloud providers, and fingerprinted technologies over time. This holistic view enables users to track anomalies and assess potential exposure risks more effectively. With the ability to directly create customized policies for their attack surface data, security teams can now respond more swiftly and accurately to emerging threats.

In addition to the new Domains page, Detectify has also made significant improvements to its platform’s capabilities for setting custom attack surface policies. These enhancements allow users to configure alerts for policy breaches based on their own definition of risk. For instance, customers can now set policies to be alerted when a specific cloud provider appears on a set of domains. This level of customization empowers security teams to tailor their monitoring and response strategies to their unique risk profiles.

Danwei Tran Luciani, VP of Product at Detectify, emphasized the importance of these updates for their global customer base. "Our users rely on hundreds of attack surface policies every day," Tran Luciani noted. "With these new features, they can set custom policies on a variety of new characteristics, providing greater control and precision in managing their attack surfaces." This granular control is expected to significantly enhance the effectiveness of security teams in mitigating potential threats.

Detectify has rolled out the updated Domains page and improved attack surface policies for all Surface Monitoring users. Additionally, the company will keep adding new data points to the Domains page, enhancing the details of security policies that users can set up and get notified about. These updates underscore Detectify's dedication to equipping its users with the necessary tools and insights to stay proactive against the changing cyber threat landscape.

Detectify's newest features mark a significant step forward in the fight against cyber threats. These updates offer organizations enhanced control over their attack surface data and allow for the creation of more detailed security policies. As a result, Detectify provides security teams with the essential tools needed to better protect their digital assets. With the expanding attack surface, these improvements are crucial for organizations to navigate the complex and ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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