Catch Your Chance to Play CoD: Vanguard for Free

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2022-04-15
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You can play Call of Duty: Vanguard for free, and that is not a joke. Of course, Activision will not allow full access for any gamers, but you are welcome to check out the new Multiplayer content that will be coming out shortly. For two weeks, you can visit fan favorites maps and try your luck in a battle against other players. Be sure to see everything that’s available, as time can fly by.

Now, more into details: you will have an opportunity to play on new maps – Gondola and Casablanca, which have been largely expected in the CoD community. Moreover, fans can take the challenge in a new large-map objective mode, where you and your team will need to hold points and try to capture those of your enemies. Traveling around will be your main objective, as time is the most valuable resource out there.

In addition, fan favorites Shipment and Das Haus will make an appearance during this two-week event. Players will have a lot of time to check out other maps and playlists, looking themselves at everything the game can offer.

Don’t forget to use this opportunity, as the Multiplayer event will end on April 13. Activision might’ve decided to start the so-called sale in order to attract more players, and now they can have a taste of what they can expect from the game. After the event ends, you can buy the game for your PC, PlayStation, or Xbox. The game supports high-resolution quality, and the Multiplayer mode gets a lot of updates to keep the player entertained.

We will see what more we can expect from the company. For now, we are sure that CoD: Vanguard will probably get a wave of players and maybe even future buyers.

Would you like to try out Call of Duty: Vanguard for yourself? Why do you think Activision allowed free two weeks? Please, share your ideas in the comments below.


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