Auto Run Feature in Sonic Speed Simulator: Fans Hate It

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2023-02-27
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Sonic Speed Simulator, the official Sonic game on Roblox, has seen an influx of new features lately. The most recent and controversial one is the introduction of Auto Run, a feature that allows players to let their character run through levels collecting rings and Chaos Orbs without any input. While this may seem like an excellent idea for those who don't have time to play properly, many fans are not happy about it.

Auto Run will allow your character to automatically collect rings and XP as they run through levels at a maximum speed of 130 mph. Unfortunately, because they won't jump or move side-to-side while running, you'll miss out on lots of rewards in the process. To make matters worse, there's also an auto log-off timer which requires you to click on the screen every 20 minutes or else be disconnected from the game entirely. Furthermore if you do want to double your rewards, it'll cost 199 Robux - another transparent cash grab by developers that isn't going down well with fans.

Since its release last weekend players have been vocal in expressing their displeasure towards Auto Run mainly due to how little control they have over their character during these runs as well as how much it costs them financially if they do want more rewards from playing this way. Many view this addition as just another money grab by Roblox developers at the expense of their player base and feel that there could've been better ways for them to monetise, such as introducing cosmetic items rather than something so intrusive into actual gameplay experience – something which other popular Roblox games such as Jailbreak already offer up successfully.

In conclusion we can see why many fans are unhappy with Auto Runs inclusion into Sonic Speed Simulator – it strips away all sense of control over your character's progress throughout levels while simultaneously being a potential money pit depending on whether you wish to double up your rewards or not. While some people may find use in this feature, it seems like an unnecessary addition which serves only one purpose – making more money off players who don't necessarily have time (or desire) to play properly anymore!

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