Anticipated Delays in Metal Gear Solid: A Promised Patch on the Horizon

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2023-10-26
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Metal Gear Solid fans, brace yourselves for a bit of a hiccup with the Master Collection's release on PC this coming Tuesday. Konami, the face behind the esteemed franchise, has candidly spoken to IGN about some persisting performance issues with Metal Gear Solid 3. The game is finally making its debut on the PC platform, but the journey is not without its hurdles. 

It appears that while the gaming giant has packed the collection with a treasure trove of extras, such as bonus materials and different regional versions of the games, they need to catch up on some integral aspects of gameplay. Despite optimistic expectations for running the games at higher resolutions and framerates, the actual execution has shown significant room for improvement.

Konami has highlighted some issues that players might face, especially with regard to game slowdown. This problem was notably noticed during the game preview on Switch, sparking questions about whether the issue will persist across all platforms. Konami has yet to confirm whether this will be the case explicitly, but one can only hope that the modern PC can counter this fallback with its superior capabilities. 

In an attempt to cushion this impending disappointment, Konami has shared its plans to release a post-launch patch. This move promises to fix the aforementioned issues, including the addition of unique features like a CRT scanline filter and a change in pixel aspect ratio. However, it's important to note that these visual upgrades are currently planned only for two NES titles that form part of the collection.

The gaming community, while rejoiceful for Metal Gear Solid's arrival on PC, expected a more polished experience from such a classic title. This especially rings true for the game's execution on high-definition displays, which, unfortunately, have been let down. But this is just the start, and with word of future updates post-launch, there is a silver lining. Achieving supremacy in emulating such legendary titles can be a daunting task, and although "good enough" might not fully capture a player's sentiment right now, we remain optimistic for the journey ahead.

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