Ad-supported Disney Plus Subscribers May Not Be Able To Watch Movies And TV Shows With Far-Away Friends

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2022-11-01
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It has been revealed that if a user purchases an ad-supported Disney Plus subscription, then in all likelihood, they will not be able to access the full functionality that subscribers with another type of subscription have access to. Steve Moser of MacRumors discovered a piece of code that revealed that SharePlay and GroupWatch, features designed to share shows and movies, are not available to those who purchase a $7.99 Disney subscription.

Disney has not commented on a request it received asking if it was true that ad-supported users would not be able to share content. Meanwhile, the code snippet seems pretty straightforward, in which all users with the above-mentioned subscription type will receive a pop-up message about not being able to use such a function for their subscription type. Meanwhile, this may not be the final decision from Disney or part of the code for testing, so you should not make sudden conclusions until December.

If Disney actually implements this limitation, then it will not be the only one from a number of those that were previously made for a more budget type of subscriptions. Netflix does not provide SharePlay support at all, however, its minimum plan will not allow users to watch already downloaded content offline. Also, a number of restrictions, depending on the type of subscription, will apply to the maximum resolution for the content being viewed.

Do you often use the function to share shows and movies with friends remotely? Is the decision to reduce functionality fair for a cheaper type of subscription? Please share your opinion with other users in the comments below.


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