Uncovering the Hidden Gems - 7 Best Games like League of Legends to Try Out Right Now!

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It’s no secret that League of Legends (LoL) has become one of the most popular online games in the world. With millions of players around the globe, it’s hard to deny its place in esports history and as a leader in multiplayer gaming. But what if you want something similar to LoL? If you’re looking for games like League of Legends that provide an intense MOBA experience with plenty of action-packed battles, then here are epic titles perfect for scratching your itch.

Heroes Of The Storm

Developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Heroes Of The Storm (HOTS) is an action-packed MOBA game with characters from all Blizzard universes – Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo – combined together into one exciting battle arena. This fun and fast-paced game offers a variety of custom map modes in addition to its standard 5v5 matches, where players will be able to test their skills against each other in team fights or individual duels. The unique feature of HOTS is its “Hero Rotation System”, which allows free access to different heroes every week so that players can explore different strategies without having to spend money on any extra content.

Dota 2

Dota 2 is another great option when it comes to finding similar games like League Of Legends because it has been around since 2013 and still continues to attract millions of players worldwide due to its intense team battles and intricate strategic gameplay mechanics. This open-source MOBA platform features over 100 playable characters, with each hero possessing unique abilities making them suitable for certain roles within the match, such as support or carry positions, depending on your playstyle preference. Additionally, Dota 2 also offers various tournaments throughout the year, which give competitive gamers plenty of opportunities to win rewards or just gain some bragging rights among their friends/teammates!

Dota 2 game


Smite is another popular alternative for those seeking something different than LoL yet still retaining familiar elements found in most MOBAs, such as lanes and jungles, while adding a third dimension – combat takes place in god forms instead of regular humans with each character representing their own pantheon deity from mythology across many cultures like Norse Mythology or Ancient Egypt, etc. giving players more flavor options when selecting champions/heroes as well as providing interesting stories behind these gods/goddesses during matches! Players can also customize their gods by equipping various items bought from shops located around maps, thus allowing more control over how they want their character build should look like - either offensively focused builds focusing on dealing damage quickly or defensively oriented builds relying heavily on crowd control abilities, etc.


Paragon is another great game if you're looking for something more realistic than the other games mentioned here before. Developed by Epic Games Inc., Paragon offers a 3rd-person view mode along with the classic top-down view, allowing you to better navigate situations while playing with opponents online, either individually (1v1 duel) or together (5v5 team). Paragon uses two main currencies – essence points, which are automatically restored after each match but cannot be used outside the player's account, and a second currency – glory points received for completing tasks during matches, such as killing enemies/battles, destroying enemy bases, etc. This allows you to purchase special items not available in other stores directly linked to the client interface, making the process of acquiring items much smoother.

Paragon game


Vainglory gives fans the opportunity to experience mobile gaming through beautiful graphics and smooth controls. This makes it one of the best alternatives available today. Suppose you want to try something new away from the traditional PC platforms usually associated with the MOBA genre – with three paths set up along with a jungle filled with loot-spawning monsters that need to be destroyed to gain an advantage over opponents during team clashes. In addition to the usual customization options available through the store interface, Vainglory also allows users to upgrade certain talents they want to increase their power level, allowing for deeper level strategizing beyond just hitting minions last, pushing structures to victory conditions set on specific maps.

Paladins Strike

If you prefer something more fantasy-focused, then Paladins Strike could be right up your street, offering vibrant visuals inspired by cartoon animation alongside plenty of strategic depth thanks to its turn-based combat system where timing really matters when wanting victory against opponents! Players can choose from over 40 champions, all armed with distinct weapons & spells whilst featuring various objectives per match, giving everyone plenty of variety within each session they play.

Paladins Strike game

Apex Legends

Apex Legends takes us back into familiar territory by combining classic first-person shooter elements mixed with intense battle royale scenes set in huge open maps filled with dynamic characters all vying for victory against each other using weapons collected throughout the match itself! Players can opt to use either 3rd person view or 1st person, depending on preference adding further depth and overall strategy involved whilst playing Apex Legends – making sure no single round ever feels the same twice! So if you're looking for good old-fashioned shooting fun topped off by Team Deathmatch style chaos, then look no further than Respawn Entertainment's hugely successful spinoff Titanfall franchise.

In conclusion, these are just a few examples of a wide range of amazing games, such as League of Legends, which offer fantastic entertainment options for gamers of all shapes, sizes, and experience levels. Whether you prefer MOBAs tactical shooters, battle royales, or fantasy RPGs paladins, there is something here that is guaranteed to satisfy everyone's craving. Besides, you'll walk away a better player!!!

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