Google Launches Reading Mode and Hand Raise Gesture Detection for Classroom App

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2023-03-29
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Google has just released a range of new features designed to make education easier, more accessible, and more efficient. The tech giant is rolling out Chromium’s “Reading Mode” for Chrome, a hand-raise gesture detection feature for Meet, and much more. These updates are intended to help students with dyslexia and ADHD focuses on the main content of the page by reducing distractions such as images or videos.

The major addition to Chrome is the “Browse Mode”, which provides users with a customizable reader view that appears in the side panel of the browser. This mode allows users to focus on the main content by reducing distracting elements such as images or videos. Users can customize typeface, font size, text color, background color, and spacing, among other options, to make it easier for them to read material with ease. It also helps people with dyslexia or ADHD who struggle with reading complex texts on-screen by reducing such distractions. This feature is available for ChromeOS devices through M114 software updates.

Google has also added a hand raise detection feature to its Meet platform, which uses AI technology to detect when someone raises their hand during virtual meetings or classes so that they can be given priority over others speaking at that time. In this way, teachers can easily identify who wants attention while maintaining order in their classroom without having everyone interrupt one another constantly while trying to get noticed by teachers or peers alike.

This new set of tools from Google makes it easier for educators and students alike to stay connected during virtual classes or meetings without getting distracted by irrelevant visuals on webpages or having difficulty understanding complex texts due solely due disabilities like dyslexia etc., As stated before, these tools are available now via software updates on certain devices, but hopefully, they will soon become universally accessible across all platforms soon enough!

In summary, Google has launched two great new services – reading mode and hand-raise gesture detection – both designed specifically aimed at helping improve accessibility for educators and students worldwide, no matter what device they use! With this move, Google shows us once again why it remains one of the top players in the tech market today!

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