The Ultimate Persona Compilation: Best Persona Combinations in Persona 5 Royal

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In Persona 5 Royal, mastering the art of Persona fusion is the key to success. Not only does it allow you to create more powerful allies with specialized abilities, but it also deepens your strategic options both in battle and while navigating through the perplexing Palaces. This guide delves into the best Persona combinations that enhance your gameplay and unlock the full potential of your team.

Understanding Persona Fusion

Before jumping into the combinations, it’s crucial to grasp the basics of Persona fusion. The art of fusion in Persona 5 Royal brings together multiple Personas to form a powerful new being with enhanced abilities and unique resistances. The result depends on the base Personas' arcana, level, and inherent abilities. Moreover, the Velvet Room provides several fusion methods, such as normal, triangle, network, and special fusions, each with unique traits and outcomes.

Top Persona Combinations for Strategic Advantage

Here, we explore some of the most potent Persona combos and their resultant fusions aimed at providing you with formidable solutions to face any challenge in the game.

1. Yoshitsune - Hassou Tobi Build

One of the most legendary Personas in Persona 5 Royal is Yoshitsune, a Tower Arcana Persona renowned for its potent physical skill, Hassou Tobi. To acquire Yoshitsune, you need to fuse Futsunushi (Magician) with any four of Yatagarasu (Sun), Okuninushi (Emperor), Arahabaki (Hermit), and Shiki-Ouji (Chariot). It's crucial that you level up Yoshitsune to unlock Hassou Tobi, an 8-hit light physical attack that can decimate enemies.

Persona 5 Royal,

  • Added Traits: Boost the efficacy by adding abilities like Arms Master (halves HP cost for physical skills) and Charge (strengthens next physical attack).

2. Maria - Ultimate Support Build

Maria acts as a phenomenal support Persona under the Faith Arcana. Flooded with healing and buffing skills, she can significantly turn the tide of battle. You can obtain Maria via special fusion involving Michael (Judgement), Gabriel (Temperance), and Raphael (Lovers).

  • Key Skills: Salvation (full heal + cure all non-special ailments), Debilitate (lowers all stats of one foe), and Divine Judgement (halves HP of one foe but does not work on bosses).

3. Alice - Die For Me! Build

Alice is known for her devastating Curse attacks, particularly through the exclusive skill "Die For Me!" which offers a high chance of instant death via Curse damage to all foes. To fuse Alice, you need Nebiros (Devil) and Belial (Devil), and their fusion lies within the Death Arcana.

Persona 5 Royal

  • Suggested Enhancements: Include support skills like Mudo Boost (increase Curse insta-death success rate) and Megidolaon (severe Almighty damage to all foes).

4. Satan - Ice Age Build

Satan, an imposing Judgement Arcana Persona, shines with Ice-related dominance. His exclusive skill, Ice Age, inflicts severe ice damage to all foes and is particularly useful against fire-element enemies.

  • Fusion Path: Satan can be created through a special fusion involving Anubis (Judgement), Trumpeter (Judgement), Michael (Judgement), Metatron (Judgement), and Ishtar (Lovers).
  • Build Tips: Complement Ice Age with Ice Amp and Freeze Boost, enhancing damage output and the chance of freezing opponents, respectively.

5. Orpheus Telos - The Multi-Elemental Arsenal

Exclusive to Persona 5 Royal, Orpheus Telos is a wildcard Persona that excels in versatility with a wide range of elemental skills. To summon Orpheus Telos, you need to fuse Orpheus (Fool) and Thanatos (Death), making it a versatile unit capable of adapting to various combat scenarios.

Persona 5 Royal

  • Optimal Skills: Automa skills (automatic Tarukaja, Rakukaja, or Sukukaja at the battle start), Heat Riser (boosts all stats of one ally), and various severe elemental attacks like Blazing Hell (Fire) and Thunder Reign (Electric).

Maximizing Potential Through Skill Cards and Accessories

To truly maximize your Persona's potential, consider leveraging skill cards to impart additional abilities or using accessories that complement your Persona's role in battle. There are multiple ways to acquire skill cards, including bartering with shadows or utilizing the duplication service offered in the Velvet Room. Accessories, on the other hand, can be bought, found, or earned as battle rewards and can provide vital stat boosts or elemental resistances.


Persona 5 Royal's depth in fusion and combat strategies offers a rich, engaging gameplay experience. By mastering the best Persona combinations and continually adapting your strategies, you can exploit the strengths of each Persona to conquer challenges more efficiently. Whether engaging foes in brutal combat or cleverly navigating through social situations, the right Personas can make all the difference in your journey through this captivating world.

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