Defeating the Dark Side: A Complete Guide to All Boss Fights in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is a game packed with intense boss encounters that offer challenging and rewarding experiences for players. This guide aims to provide a comprehensive list of these bosses, their locations, and a summary of each epic showdown. Read on to find out how to take down the foes that await you in your journey through the galaxy far, far away.

Main Bosses: Story-Driven Encounters

Story-Driven Encounters

These bosses are directly tied to the game's narrative, making them unskippable encounters. They are usually found at the end of each mission, introducing new characters and challenges for the players to overcome.

  1. K-405 (Coruscant): A mini-boss encountered early in the game, K-405 is an essential part of the story yet surprisingly easy to defeat. Utilize Bode's help by pressing RB/R1 to eliminate this enemy quickly.
  1. Ninth Sister (Coruscant): To take down the powerful Ninth Sister, players need to dodge her Empathic Force and unblockable attacks. Patience and timing are key in this battle.
  1. Zeik (Koboh): Despite being a relatively weak boss, Zeik can still cause trouble on higher difficulty levels. Keep the fight at a close range and avoid his charged attacks to emerge victorious.
  1. Skriton (Jedha): To defeat this giant scorpion, attack from above and behind – its weak spots. Employing these tactics, Skriton should fall with ease.
  1. AT-ST (Jedha): To bring down the AT-ST, use the environment (such as rocks) to take cover and close the distance between you and the boss. Press RB/R1 to call on Merrin's assistance in stunning the AT-ST, allowing you to strike its legs and ultimately defeat it.
  1. Reprogrammed Magnaguard (Shattered Moon): Dodge glowing red attacks and rely on quick combos to beat this formidable adversary.
  1. Drya Thornne (Shattered Moon): Use the Force to push explosives back at Drya, draining his HP. Be prepared for his invisibility tactics – look for his silhouette and anticipate surprise attacks.
  1. Rayvis (Shattered Moon): A slow-moving boss, exploit Rayvis' weakness by using quick combos in a dual-wield stance. Be cautious when he's charging for an attack.
  1. Rick, the Door Technician (Koboh): A comic relief and mini-boss, Rick can be defeated with one or two lightsaber strikes, as he is just an ordinary stormtrooper with no special abilities.
  1. Dagan Gera (Koboh): This three-part boss fight requires players to exploit Cal's Slow Mode and dodge Dagan's projectiles to succeed.
  1. Bode (Jedha, Tanalorr): Use the Force to break Bode's stance and attack when he is defenseless.
  1. Darth Vader (Cere Junda Mission): Since the encounter with Darth Vader is part of the main story, players only need to strike a few times before a cutscene is triggered.

Legendary Bosses: Challenging and Rewarding

Anchorite Base

These are powerful, unique boss battles that unlock an achievement when completed. Legendary bosses are scattered throughout the game's planets, making them a thrilling addition to the player's journey.

  1. D-L1T (Hangar 2046-C, Coruscant).
  2. Frenzied Jotaz (Undercity Meats, Coruscant).
  3. Urgost, Fist of Rayvis (Observatory Understructure, Koboh).
  4. Vile Bilemaw (Fogged Expanse, Koboh).
  5. Gorocco Matriarch (Derelict Dam, Koboh).
  6. Rancor (Sodden Grotto, Koboh).
  7. The Mire Terror (Viscid Bog, Koboh).
  8. Spawn of Oggdo (Fort Kah'Lin, Koboh).
  9. The Massiff (Yurt Barracks, Koboh).
  10. Beetu Deetu (Southern Reach, Koboh).
  11. E3-VE3 (Untamed Downs, Koboh).
  12. Golden Skriton (Anchorite Base, Jedha).
  13. Anchorite Base (Crypt of Uhrma, Jedha).

Bounty Bosses: Optional Side-Quests


Bounty bosses are optional mini-bosses that can be defeated to earn the Bounty Puck. There are a total of 13 bounties in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, unlocked after recruiting Caij in Devastated Settlement.

  1. Corde the Half and PR-85T the Other Half (Halls of Ranvell, Jedha).
  2. Kili Oso (Sanctuary Temple, Jedha).
  3. Yuhong (Path of Restoration, Jedha).
  4. Kip Ostar (Derelict Dam, Koboh).
  5. Korej Lim (Devastated Settlement, Koboh).
  6. Meyen Corr (Boiling Bluff, Koboh).
  7. Selfin Jook (Observatory Understructure, Koboh).
  8. Vaslyn Martz (Fogged Expanse, Koboh).
  9. Raz (Forest Array, Koboh).
  10. Jo The Cannibal (Yurt Barracks, Koboh).
  11. Mash (Automated Forge, Shattered Moon).
  12. Gatt Medo (Freight Handling Depot, Coruscant).
  13. Fenn Finau, KLE-O, and Masi Finau (Hangar Bay, Nova Garon).

Conclusion: The Ultimate Boss Battle

In the world of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, players are confronted with a multitude of challenging and thrilling boss battles. Each encounter offers unique strategies and rewards that are essential to the game's progression. In terms of user reviews, the most memorable and satisfying boss fight appears to be the epic confrontation between the player and the legendary Darth Vader. This iconic battle captures the essence of the Star Wars universe and serves as a thrilling climax in the player's journey through a galaxy far, far away.

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