Samsung Messages Crashing for Galaxy Users, Google Meet Might Be the Culprit

avatar-user Ava Reynolds 2024-05-30
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If you own a Samsung Galaxy and use the pre-installed Messages app, you might have noticed an annoying glitch recently. Users have been reporting crashes whenever they try to start a new conversation. This unexpected hiccup has left many frustrated, with complaints flooding forums like Reddit and Samsung’s help channels.

Interestingly, the app itself remains installed, and the conversation list is intact. But the moment you attempt to begin a new chat, the app crashes. Standard fixes like clearing the cache or restarting your device don't seem to work. It’s a puzzling situation that has many scratching their heads and seeking answers.

According to a Samsung moderator, the root of the issue might actually be Google Meet. For some reason, the video chat app is causing the Messages app to malfunction. The suggested fix involves heading into your phone’s settings and force-stopping Google Meet. You should then either disable or uninstall updates for the app.

Here’s how you can do it: Navigate to Settings → Apps → Google Meet, then select Force stop. Next, tap the menu button and choose Uninstall updates. This fix has already been confirmed by several Reddit users who reported that their Messages app started working again after taking these steps.

If you find this too troublesome, there’s always the option to switch to Google Messages. Many Galaxy devices come with this app pre-installed as well, and it offers similar features, including RCS chats. However, some users prefer to stick with Samsung's own app due to familiarity or personal preference. If you’ve lost messages while troubleshooting, there are guides available to help you retrieve them on your Samsung phone.

This glitch has undoubtedly caused a bit of chaos, but thankfully, there’s a straightforward solution. Whether you choose to fix the issue by tweaking Google Meet or switch to a different messaging app, you’ll soon be back to texting without interruptions. It’s a small reminder of how interconnected our apps are, and how a bug in one can ripple out to affect others.

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