Netflix TV Apps Now Let You Clean Your Continue Watching Carousel

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2022-02-07
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It has been annoying that you couldn’t remove some accidental show from your “Continue Watching” menu on your Smart TV. You could have done it with your phone or PC, but always forgot. Now you finally can do it right on your TV with nothing but the original remote. Netflix released the update with this minor but necessary feature.

If a show you aren’t going to continue watching still appears on you “Continue Watching” carousel, you can remove it easily now. All you have to do is select it with your remote and go down through the menu. Among other options, now there is one called “Remove from Continue Watching”. As clear as can be. If you suddenly remove the wrong show, you can undo the removal right after you realize this. Well, to get it back on your carousel, you need to find it and watch a little. If you didn’t want to remove it, then why not watch it ahead of something else?

The update is planned for most Smart TV platforms, including Tizen by Samsung, webOS by LG, Roku TV by Roku (appears on some models by Hisense), and Google TV/Android TV used by Sony, Vizio, TCL, Philips, and others. In short, if your Smart TV is capable of running the Netflix app, it will receive this update. With it, you can easily remove the show from Continue Watching if it got you disappointed.

It’s not sure whether it will roll out simultaneously for most platforms. If yours is at the end of the queue, though, you can still remove shows from the list with your phone or computer like you could earlier. Knowing Netflix, though, we can surely predict that rolling out this update will not take long. In the meantime, you can start watching more new shows.

Do you often start watching a show and then drop it? Which ones on Netflix disappointed you the most? We know that tastes differ, but this will make our conversation even more fun. Drop some names in the comments if you please!

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