MultiVersus Relaunch: New Characters, Battle Pass Updates, and Currency Rework

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The much-anticipated return of MultiVersus, set for May 28th, promises an array of new content, major gameplay enhancements, and a revamped in-game currency system. After concluding its beta phase in June 2023, fans have been eagerly awaiting the fresh experiences that Player First Games (PFG) has been developing. This upcoming launch is expected to introduce expanded PvE modes, additional characters, and a reworked Battle Pass system. In this article, we'll walk you through the thrilling updates and what you can look forward to as you jump back into the dynamic world of MultiVersus.

Exciting Rewards for Returning Players

Player First Games has lined up an impressive array of rewards for players, especially those returning from the beta phase. To kick things off, anyone who completes the updated tutorial will be eligible to receive a new character for free, through a seven-day reward calendar. If you complete the calendar, you will unlock characters styled with Olympic themes. Additionally, returning beta players are in for a treat with the Bananzans announcement pack, the Snow Suit Finn character variant, and the exclusive Rising Star animation.

Enhanced Battle Pass with More Value

One of the significant changes coming with the relaunch is the reworked Battle Pass. Player First Games has revamped the Battle Pass to include high-value items such as character variants and taunt points in free tiers. This change is designed to offer players more rewarding and enjoyable gameplay experiences. Furthermore, the premium Battle Pass now includes enough Gleamium to purchase the next advanced Battle Pass, ensuring that dedicated players can continue to enjoy premium content without additional costs.

Introducing New Characters and Rewards

Jason Vorhees and Agent Smith are among the new characters making their debut in MultiVersus. Jason, in particular, is set to be a major highlight in the premium Battle Pass, available as a reward for those who log in by June 11. The new characters can also be purchased using character tokens or in-game currency, providing players with multiple ways to unlock their favorite fighters. While specific details are still under wraps, it is suggested that Jason may be initially locked behind an eight-week progression system before becoming available through Character Tokens.

Comprehensive Currency Rework

With the relaunch, Player First Games has introduced a comprehensive rework of the in-game currency system. The new system features four distinct currencies, each serving a unique purpose:

  • Primary Currency: Designed to unlock character perks and earned through events, Rift Mode, and the Battle Pass.
  • Fighter Currency: Replaces Character Tokens and Tickets, used for unlocking characters and obtainable through events, Rift Mode, and Battle Pass tiers.
  • Prestige Currency: A new currency for unlocking exclusive cosmetics not available through other means, earned by acquiring other cosmetics.
  • Gleamium: The versatile currency used for purchasing various items, including cosmetics and Battle Pass tiers, earned through events, Battle Pass rewards, or direct purchases.

What to Expect in the Coming Days

As the relaunch date approaches, Player First Games promises to reveal more details about the upcoming content, including additional Battle Pass information, new characters, and other exciting updates. The anticipation is building, and players can look forward to diving into the enriched world of MultiVersus with its diverse roster of characters, improved gameplay mechanics, and rewarding progressions systems.

In summary, the relaunch of MultiVersus is poised to deliver a renewed sense of thrill to the game with the introduction of new characters, an overhauled Battle Pass, and a redesigned currency system. Whether you're coming back to the game or diving in for the first time, the forthcoming updates are set to offer a more captivating and gratifying experience. Keep an eye out for further announcements and prepare to discover the multiverse like never before!

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