ByteDance Waves Goodbye to Resso in India Amidst Regulatory Rumble

avatar-user Ethan Blackstone 2024-01-12
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In an unexpected twist, ByteDance, the tech giant behind the wildly popular app TikTok, has announced the closure of its music streaming service, Resso, in India. This move comes amidst a series of regulatory challenges and the Indian government's firm stance on Chinese apps, which has led to the app being pulled from the local digital storefronts. Notably, Resso's shut down in India signals a retreat for ByteDance from one of the world's most vibrant digital markets.

Resso entered the Indian market with fanfare in 2020, aiming to carve out a space in the competitive music streaming landscape. Despite the app's innovative features and social media integration, it has faced an uphill battle in a market that has proven to be both dynamic and challenging. The app's shutdown is particularly significant given India's vast user base and the potential for growth in the digital music sector.

While Resso's journey in India comes to an end, ByteDance has been ramping up its global music initiatives with the expansion of TikTok Music. However, the company has been clear that there are no plans to introduce TikTok Music in India, leaving a gap for local and international rivals to vie for the substantial user base left behind. The closure of Resso appears to be a strategic withdrawal rather than a precursor to a new offering from ByteDance.

The Indian government's crackdown on Chinese apps, which began in the summer of 2020, has had a significant impact on ByteDance's operations. The ban of TikTok and other apps on the grounds of national security concerns has created a challenging environment for Chinese tech companies in India. Resso's closure, therefore, is not just a business decision but also a reflection of the broader geopolitical tensions between India and China.

As Resso users in India face the music service's end, the market is ripe for the taking by other players. With over 250 million installs, the void left by Resso could translate into a windfall for other streaming services. ByteDance's exit from the Indian music streaming scene marks the end of a chapter for the company, but it also signals a new beginning for the competitors, who are ready to turn up the volume and capture the hearts of India's music enthusiasts.

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