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Overwatch 2 review

Team up with friends in Overwatch 2, a constantly evolving free-to-play game that features 35 incredible heroes, 22 large-scale maps, six different modes, and more. In Overwatch 2 everyone will find a hero to his liking, choosing from the classes of tank, damage or support. 

Try out new heroes in combat:

Sojourn: armed with a railgun and Canadian hospitality; Queen of the Vultures: ruler of Junkertown ready to unleash her battle axe; Kiriko: new support fighter able to summon the faithful fox spirit.
Overwatch will continue to evolve and expand with regular seasonal updates released every nine weeks. A huge number of new items, cosmetic items and maps will be waiting for you, which will turn the course of the battle in this famous game. With new modes, you'll always have something to play.

Overwatch 2 will take you around the world with 6 new maps - and new maps will be regularly added to the game. There's always a new place to fight.

Overwatch 2 - Team Roles
Each hero has a specific team role - you need to know where you need to be and what to do in order for your team to succeed. Winning requires teamwork.


Overwatch 2

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Publish Date: 2022-10-31