Crash Bandicoot Mobile

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Crash Bandicoot Mobile review

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is a runner game about the adventure of energetic Crash and his sister Coco. It was published by King in 2021. It is available on Android and iOS mobile platforms. The game is free of charge. It supports in-app purchases. You can download it from your mobile store.

Never Stop in Crash Bandicoot: On the Run

This is a runner game which means that you can’t stop on the road as you may lose. You may choose whether you want to play Crash or Coco. Yet, they both have similar skills. There is one major goal in front of them, which is to save the world from Doctor Neo Cortex and his associates. There are numerous obstacles on your way and you can choose which lane you go. There are always three lanes in front of you. Whenever you are ready, jump from one to another and keep running. You are not as helpless as you may think. Both characters can attack their enemies. Players must use bombs, serums, and rayguns to reach the goal.

The new lands are waiting for you there. You will be able to explore the world of bandicoots while searching for the enemies. And if you prefer to play together with your friends, you can try multiplayer mode. Players can run together as Crash and Coco using two lanes on the path. New adventures will open in front of you right after you successfully finish the level. With each new level you receive rewards and bonuses.


As for the graphics of Crash Bandicoot: On the Run you will be amazed by the vivid colors around you. The landscapes provide the atmosphere of vacation on the exotic island. Just don’t forget your fitness exercises with unstoppable bandicoots. Crash and his sister both look adorable. Graphics do not freeze in the middle of the game. Yet, the picture is supported with the loud sounds any time you move. The set of sounds is standard, and you can turn them off if you feel annoyed.


Controls in the game are simple. If you are an experienced user of your phone, you are already familiar with all the moves. You have to tap to start the game. Swipe if you need to slide. You may jump and switch lands if you want. Once you want to attack, you have to slide and tap the screen. Don’t forget to check out your vital indicators. You may run out of energy. If you want to receive more weapons, you need to collect ingredients for them. You will be able to gather everything at Coco's Base.

Although there is a linear plot with the bosses that appear on your way preparing you for the final fight with Neo Cortex, you still will not get bored. No matter how many times you visit the game it is always interesting to take part in small quests, gather ingredients for weapons, and fight with evil minions. You can play single player or multiplayer modes with friends. The game is evergreen.

Crash Bandicoot: On the Run is not that difficult as you may think. However, there are a lot of things to concentrate on at the same time. The best way to win is to build the strategy and find out how many rewards you need to accomplish the task.


  • Intuitive controls;
  • Multiple missions;
  • Cute characters;
  • Exotic landscapes;
  • Free game.


  • Loud music
  • The amount of levels is limited